Chevron – Corporate Marketing Linkedin Strategy Development

Jeordan Legon of Chevron, the energy company, recently presented their corporate social linkedin centred communication strategy. Chevron, have developed and currently run a strategic corporate marketing social campaign, whose main focus is the development of a community of energy leaders on LinkedIn, which uses Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.  The project has

Listening & Learning
Listened to conversations for 2 years

  • Identify key community support and facilitation channel
  • Linkedin is primary channel
  • Additional Facebook, Youtube and Twitter channels

Identify community member profiles

  • Leaders the energy industry
  • Energy industry knowledge experts
  • Energy industry business partners

Identify key goals for community

  • High levels of engagement
  • Repeat Visits
  • relevant online discussions about energy

Engage with community   
When engaging with the community Chevron, identified key areas to focus on:

  • Identify key individuals to invite to community
  • Identify key subject areas
  • Energy
  • Doing business with Chevron
  • Create community guidelines
  • Create, Manage and moderate community content

Integrate into other communication strategies
As a TRUSTED developed and engaged community Chevron can channel campaigns through the community to drive traffic back to websites, surveys, other conversations on other channels.

“we agree”

Grow and develop
As a trusted, community within their target audience, which is depicted in the
chart below:

Chevron now has an engaged community to drive their online communications
strategy.  They combine an internal team, who are responsible for the data to day management of the community, for educating other internal teams in their use and success of social channels and are in partnership with external teams:

  • Listening insight, reporting and tools
  • Linkedin as a community platform and insight partner
  • Communications to help with individual campaigns

To hear the full presentation and view the slides, click on the video below and review the slides at the bottom.