Social Business Strategy Development

The Altimeter Report identified 4 internal requirements common to organisations who they perceived to be advanced in the implementation of social business projects:

  1. Baseline Governance and Re-enforcement: Established  and reinforced a corporate social media policy that allows employees to participate professionally
  2. Enterprise-wide response Processes: Defined processes for rapid workflow and engagement with customers in social media
  3. On-going Education Program and Best Practice Sharing: Fostered a culture of learning through on-going social media education Leadership from a dedicated and shared central hub: Organised in a scalable formation, with a cross functional “center of excellence”

The full report is below.

The Purple Spinnaker Social Business Framework provides organisations with a social business strategy framework and an operational implementation process which helps organisations to:

  1. Develop their first social business strategy
  2. Provide a framework for existing social business strategies
  3. Develop an internal education program for all levels within the organisation

As, with all social business strategies, the core of the framework is based on listening, learning, engaging and growing your business:

To support our framework, we have identified the key workstreams a business needs to manage to develop and implement their social business strategy:

Central to the success of your social business strategy is putting a team in place, which combines an internal social business leader with executive level support and the identification and engagemnt of external partners who can help you:

  1. Develop your company and/or projects social business framework
  2. Land the social business strategy into the operations of the business

Social business strategies are adding value to companies across all industries today, but we are in the infancy of this area of business and as we see more successes, then we will see the evolution of the framework and also more experienced and skilled professionals leading and managing these projects.

Today, it is still a bit of trial and error, but if you dont try you dont learn anything!

Altimeter Social Business Readiness: How advanced Companies Prepare internally: