Developing your “personet”

Organisations have developed intranets to share information with their employees and extranets to share and engage with their customers and suppliers, now we as individuals have the ability to create our own PERSONETS.

Through the ever growing number of social tools which are available to us free and at low cost, we now have the opportunity to become centres of knowledge for anything we do or have an interest in. 

We can research any subject on the web, we can select individuals and companies who are experts, enthusiasts or suppliers of a product or services. 

We can use tools like igoogle and net vibes to monitor online resources, we can store bookmarks online on site like delicious and Stumbleupon and we can share this information with people we know or others who we don’t know and may never know but share our interests.

We can connect with business colleagues and acquaintances through social networks like linkedin, xing and plaxo or more specialised networks like marktingtwo and onlymarketingjobs.

We can share personal and social information on other sites like facebook, youtube, bebo and myspace and keep in touch with old and new friends on each of these sites.

We can create our own blog and publish our views and opinions and maybe create a community of our own around one or more areas in which we have an interest either from a work or social perspective.

All of these tools allow us to create an online presence or brand, the presentation below looks at how some of these tools can be used to create individual personets.